2018 Races

Shamrock Yuengling Dolphin Challenge - Virginia Beach, VA:  3/17-18/18
​I've looked at doing these races before, but St. Patrick's Day is one of my bagpiper husbands busy weekends, so we've never signed up.  When
Kara Goucher tweeted that she would be there speaking, I knew this was my year to do it.  Kara also introduced me to Run the Edge and Run the Year, which are co-founded by her husband, Adam.  I had the pleasure of meeting Adam last June when I stopped by the RTE office in Boulder and it was an awesome surprise to see he was in VA Beach with her.

It was 28 degrees at the start of the 8K.  And even though I didn't have too far to go from my hotel to the corrals and even though I was in the last corral, I went out too early and stood in the cold for about an hour.  My hips locked up and my legs were not happy.  There was 2 hours to complete this race, and I hadn't planned on pushing it since I was doing the half marathon the next day.  It was sunny, and once we moved onto the boardwalk I started to thaw out a bit.

Even though I took it easy the rest of Saturday, stretched and rolled my legs, got plenty of sleep, I was not able to move quickly (for me) on Sunday.  I was hopeful in my training that I could run a here and there, but my legs made it clear that I was lucky they were moving at all.  The start was one block from my hotel, so I made sure this time that I didn't leave until the race start time.  At 40 degrees it felt down right balmy outside.
While I was in mile 2 I got see Kara fly by in her mile 10.

As with most races, they have certain cut-off times that you have to meet or risk being pulled off the course.  And even though this race gave a generous 4 hours to complete, I was falling behind.  I got picked up shortly after mile 7, but they said they weren't going to take me to the finish, but drop me off outside the base gates (part of the course went through Fort Story).  They picked up a few other people and then stopped to ask one woman if she wanted a ride.  She said "No".  And then I said "Wait, let me out!  I know her!"  It was Therese, who I'd met at the Baltimore half in 2016 and then did the Navy 5 miler with her and her cousins last September.

She was ahead of the cut-off point so they dropped me off with her and we continued on the rest of the race together.  I calculated that I skipped about a mile of the course thanks to the ride, so I made sure I made it up afterwards.
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