Virtual Races

2017 Virtual Races

Fall Double

This year we have two fundraisers going on at the same time.  As a result, we decided to have a Fall Double.  You can still sign up for either of the raises individually, and if you want to do them both you can register for the Fall Double and save money.  See below to learn about the two  individual virtual races.  You can register for the races by clicking here:

Move 4 A Cure

Our 3rd annual Move 4 A Cure 5-5-5 race has one of our coolest medals yet.  
This even benefits the PCD Foundation.   Participants receive a lung shapped medal with a heart on a spinner in the middle.  This allows the heart to be on the left or right side of the lungs.  About half of those with PCD have some form of organ reversal, such as the heart on the right side.  The medal comes with a built in stand so you can display it on a desk or table or hang it with the ribbon.  Every registration will also get a bib number specifically designed for this event.  We also have a limited number of PCD bags, luggage tags and pens that will be mailed with the medals on a first come first served basis.

Running On Air

The second event is our 2nd Running On Air virtual race.  Our founder is participating in her first marathon, the New York City marathon, as part of the National Organization for Rare Disorder's (NORD) Running for Rare team.  A portion of the profits from this event will go toward her marathon fundraising efforts, which go to NORD's Undiagnosed Diseases Program; helping individuals to receive a diagnosis from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Participants will receive a dragonly spinner medal.  The dragonfly in the center is double sided and spins. Every registration will also get a bib number specifically designed for this event.

What is a Virtual Race?

A virtual race is a race that gives you the flexibility to complete a specific distance and earn a medal,at your convenience.  Our races are done on the honor system, which means you don't have to send us proof of completion to receive your medal.  We give you a time frame (most of them are a month) and an option of several distances.  One of the purposes of our virtual races is to encourage people to be more active.  You don't have to complete the entire distance at one time, just within the specified date range.  You can be inside or outside, walk or run.  You can even do the miles on a treadmill.  There isn't an actual race with a start and finish line.

We create virtual races as a way to raise funds to support our efforts at improving the lives of those living with lung disease and rare diseases.  A portion of our profits are donated to the PCD Foundation unless we are partnering with another organization.

Our Philosophy
We believe in creating high quality medals that have an attractive design.  These are medals we want to have.  We also believe in offering all of this at a reasonable price.  There are a lot of fees involved including cost of the medals, fees from the registration site, and the cost of mailing.  The price you see when you register through Active includes everything except their registration fee.  If you are an member than this fee should be waived.  Even though these virtual races are fundraisers, we want to offer you a quality product at a good value.

Past Virtual Races

Rare Disease Day - February 2017
Our 2nd annual "Rare Disease Day" race benefited the National Organization for Rare Disorders and the PCD Foundation. We raised about $1500 from the event and an additional $1671 from donations.
Move 4 A Cure - October 2016
Our 2nd annual "Move 4 A Cure" race benefited the PCD Foundation.  We raised $588 from the event and an additional $3477 from donations.
Rare Disease Day - February 2016
The "Rare Disease Day" race benefited the National Organization for Rare Disorders and The PCD Foundation, raising: $1159 and an additional $100 from donations.
I Run Hard - October 2015
The "I Run Hard" race benefited Running On Air and The PCD Foundation.
Move 4 A Cure - October 2016
The "Move 4 A Cure" race raised about $4000  benefitting The PCD Foundation.  $577 from the event itself and $3,554 through fundraising pages.