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Our  Spreadshirt shop  has our base designs and is updated with t-shirts to go along with our virtual races.  Even when an event is sold out you can order the event design on a shirt.  There are many shirt styles and color combinations.

Mary also makes jewelry and sells note cards from her pictures.  You can purchase items on her Etsy store.​
A portion of all sales go to the PCD Foundation

PCD Foundation 
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clicking here
Please put "Running On Air" in the comments.

You can purchase PCD Foundation shirts at their Spreadshirt shop

You can also mail checks to the PCD Foundation at:
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Foundation
10137 Portland Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420
United States

PCD Related 
PCD Smiles - Founded by Renee, a PCD patient, this organization sends care packages to PCD patients in the hospital.
Ellery is a teenaged singer and the oldest of 4 syblings.  Her brother and a sister also have PCD.
Rebekah Jeannine Haskins has PCD.  She writes about her life with PCD.
Ashley Gaudet has PCD.  This is her blog about her life and thoughts with PCD.  
Rachelle Thomas has PCD.  She blogs about her life with PCD here.

Breathe for PCD was founded by a family in Alaska.  Their son was diagnosed with PCD.  All of the proceeds from their sales go to the PCD Foundation.  Click here to go to their store.  You can purchase shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and other items.

Others with lung challenges making a difference
Russell Winwood - COPD Athlete
With Oxygen On Their Backs - a blog by Kimberly who is on Oyxgen 24/7 because of a heart defect called Tricuspid Atresia.  She shares stories about others who are living life on O2.